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Vasuda Sharma brings her trio live-looping set to Versova this Thursday!

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Singer-Songwriter Vasuda Sharma will perform an all original set - a blend of Indian classical and Western contemporary Pop numbers with live-looping and improv. The gig is set to happen at the newly-opened Local Star Bar and Cafe in Versova at limited capacity with free entry for the audience.


Vasuda Sharma Trio Live-Looping Set
Date : 25th March 2021, Thursday
Venue : Local Star Bar and Cafe, Versova
Entry : FREE


Singer, songwriter, and boundary breaker Vasuda Sharma reimagines genre, gender, feminism, Indian music, and the very definition of an artist. From the onset of her career, she has consistently shifted perspectives on stage as a performer and behind-the-scenes as a songwriter. She began her journey with the hit Pop Band Aasma, releasing over 3 successful albums and performing over 300 concerts around the world. Hereafter, she pursued a scholarship to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Her crowdfunded solo debut album ‘Attuned Spirits’ is an impeccable confluence of melodic hooks and soft rock textures that define her skillset


Vasuda Sharma - @vasudasharma
Local Star Bar and Cafe - @localstarproject
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