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The Great Gig In The Sky with Dhimant Varman

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Jumpstart Outdoors has always worked at providing a wholesome experience in the outdoors while keeping the finer points of sustainability, conservation and responsible traveling in mind. They believe that music holds a great power of transcendence and when in the outdoors it can provide for a magical other-worldly experience. The Great Gig in the Sky is just that. It is an attempt at taking two of their most cherished experiences and combining them to provide a heady mixture of raw, unadulterated bliss.

Their Fourteenth gig will take you to the LetsCampout campsite at Kashid Beach, for an overnight experience of camping, bird watching, frolicking in the sea on a secluded private beach, fishing on the shore, star gazing, and of course the Gig itself. You will get various opportunities to witness first hand, the sounds, sights and smells of the outdoors and watch them transform after sunset.

The LetsCampout Site at Kashid Beach offers the most romantic setting for you and your sweetheart!

Picture this - a nippy February evening, the wind gossiping with the salty sprays from the ocean, the glow of a kerosene lamp, the sound of waves crashing on the beach, and in the midst of it all, Dhimant Varman, setting the mood.


Dhimant Varman's music style could be broadly identified as Indian Classical Music fused with Western Classic Rock. Trained in the basics of sitar, by his father Pt. Rajendra Varman since the age of 5 years, he received guidance from Padmashree Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan as he followed the Gharana "Jaffer Khani Baaj". He has also been guided by the sitar maestro Ustad Shahid Parvez. 

Dhimant Varman’s sitar dominates the backdrop of the hit period film Padmaavat.

He has performed at many concerts, conferences, and at renowned musical academies throughout the nation. His work also includes the alluring sitar performance that dominates the backdrop in the movie Padmaavat, and his fusion performances with the Classic Rock Band "UnderCover". He might surprise us by performing his original music as well.

In short, the two days will provide travel, camping, relaxation, fun, and above all the gig. What better way to spend a weekend!


₹6999/- Cost Per Head
₹6499/- Cost Per Head for Group Bookings (Valentine's Discount: ₹500/person less on original price for Couple / Group Bookings)
₹5999/- Cost Per Head (Self Travel: ₹1000/person less on original price for persons travelling by themselves)
₹5499/- Cost Per Head for Group Bookings (Self Travel + Valentine's Discount: ₹1500/person less on original price for Couple / Group Bookings and Persons travelling by themselves)


Keeping Social Distancing in mind, Jumpstart Outdoors is taking adequate measures by limiting the number of attendees. Early birds (the first 23 participants) get to travel in their AC Gig Bus from Mumbai to Kashid and back, in which we would be travelling with the artists for the evening, Dhimant Varman and his crew.


You should reach the Campsite by 18:00 Hr (06:00pm). After reaching the campsite, the program is such

13 February 2021 (SATURDAY)
18:00 - Introductions
18:30 - Preparations for the Gig
19:30 - The Great Gig in the Sky
21:30 - Dinner (Post dinner, participants have the opportunity to Jam/sing with the artist)
22:30 - Stargazing

14 February 2021 (SUNDAY)
08:30 - Breakfast
09:30 - Off to the beach for some bird watching, frolicking in the sea, fishing, and fun on the shore
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Leave campsite and return to Mumbai

Starts on 
13 February 2021 (SATURDAY)

Ends on 
14 February 2021 (SUNDAY)

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