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DIGITAL DANCEFLOORS:'s collaboration with Future Female Sounds and the Danish Cultural Institute promises an important month for female musicians

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New Delhi-based online radio station is doing some serious out-of-the-box thinking. Launched in 2017, by Mohammed Abood and Sahej Bakshi, the station has forged a unique nexus with Copenhagen-based non-profit Future Female Sounds and the Danish Cultural Institute in India to bring you a once-in-a-lifetime series of music events called Digital Dancefloors, hoping to foster gender diversity and intercultural relations between India and Denmark.

In a chat with Abood, he explained, “While everyone is free to join in, our line-up will comprise female and non-binary DJs who, even in the online space, are severely under-represented.”

Digital Dancefloors will begin with a panel talk by Danish DJ Aviaja and will focus on Hosting Workshops for your local community. Other panel talks include female artists sharing experiences in working through a pandemic, what it takes to be a DJ and gendered politics in the music industry. They will then be followed by parties, featuring sets by a mix of female DJs from India and Denmark, married to visuals created by prolific female VJs, Samvida and Signe.

Events like Digital Dancefloors may well be how we end up spending our weekends for the foreseeable future, and if one is a serious musician or a listener of music, these sessions are crucial. And the best part? They’re free to attend. All thanks to and the Danish Cultural Institute, India, who in Abood’s words, “[H]ave voiced their support for in the past and continue to bridge Denmark and India through music, art and culture.”

We expect the parties to be fantastic, with music by world-class Indian DJs Lush Lata, Kaleekarma, Ishani and Agent, and Danish maestros Sara Vita, Emma Schack, Phiona and Claudia Smith.

This story is part of a series on Digital Dancefloors, so don’t forget to follow us for exclusive interviews and VLOGs with the organisers and artists.

The dates and times of Digital Dancefloors

[Note: All events will be streamed exclusively on the mixcloud channel]

Date: October 15 (zoom talk entry via RSVP HERE)
Time: 8:30PM IST / 4PM CET
Talk: Productivity in the new world: keep calm & carry on mixing w/ Aviaja

Date: October 17 (Opening Party)
Time: 9:30PM IST / 6PM CET
Music from Sara Vita (DK) and Lush Lata (IN)
Visuals by VJ Samvida (IN)

Date: October 20 (zoom talk entry via RSVP HERE)
Time: 4:30PM IST / 12PM CET
Talk: Importance of online radio and journey through Pandemic w/ SUCHI

Date: October 24
Time: 9:30PM IST / 6PM CET
Music from Emma Schack (DK) and Kaleekarma (IN)
Visuals by Signe Dige (DK)

Date: October 31
Time: 9:30PM IST / 6PM CET
Music from DJ Phiona (DK) and DJ Ishani (IN)
Visuals by VJ Samvida

Date: November 7 (Closing Party)
Time: 9:30PM IST / 6PM CET
Music from Claudia Smith (DK) and Agent (IN)
Visuals by Signe Dige (DK)