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Out Now: Laxmi Bomb's New EP, Lockdown Mohan

Flipsyde Staff
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Laxmi Bomb is one of the most underrated electro bands of ALL TIME. In the world. We are just so surprised to see that they don't have at least 100k views for each video. That's how much we love their stuff and know everyone else will too. It's almost as if someone said, 'okay boys, these right here are called visuals and these right here are called sounds. Now go do whatever the fuck you want with them.' 

Their lockdown EP Lockdown Mohan is a morning treat, if anything, even for the grumpiest of them all. Profound lyrical content aside, the second track, Kiddo Anna Penny had us put our keyboards aside and reggae-bob as we did to a-la-la-la-la-long back in the day. We'll let you listen to the rest of it without giving too much away, but one thing we're going to recommend is that you listen to the 20-minute continuous version of it that they've uploaded too. It'll be a worthwhile twenty. Cook your breakfast, shave, get ready for work and just let it play as it would. You'll know why we're recommending it that way. The album's a nutcase (nutcase-good) khichdi like no other.

Listen to the EP