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Is Shaan Kambli India's next Pop Icon?

R. R. Rozario
R. R. Rozario Bytes

"He speaks to my soul"
"Spellbound by his voice"
"Reminds me of Owlcity"

These are some of the comments about 20-year-old Shaan Kambli's single Postcard, a song about one’s lack of control over the outcome of a relationship and the resultant desperation in clinging to memories of times that are best forgotten.

Shaan Kambli AKA Kalmly was one of the 24 artists selected for NEXA's Music Lab curated by none other than the pride of our nation, Academy Award-winning, BAFTA-winning, National Award-winning (Among many, many others) music composer, A.R. Rahman.

Shaan has a certain versatility to his voice and other than it being the most soothing thing we've heard, he also has the potential to be right up there in the Billboard charts alongside Zayn and Shawn Mendes! We wish him the very best and really can't wait for the day we see him in an video ft. Sia ;)

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