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Could this be the most cinematic music video EVER?

R. R. Rozario
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We've come across stunning-looking videos, we've come across uber-creative videos. But cinematic? That's a different question altogether. Purity Ring is known for their weird and strange stuff (They recently covered Better Off Alone by Alice DJ, something no one was expecting). But we have to admit, their music videos are phenomenal.

When we first watched the 2016 music video directed by Young Replicant AKA Alex Takacs (His other work is just as good!), we didn't bother with trying to understand the story because we were so damn mesmerised by its crafting. 

A still from Begin Again

Thankfully, visual artist Andrew Maccabe explained it well (We think/hope so):

If you've ever watched livid, an old vampire traps a young girl and forces her to eat an insect which symbolizes the soul of the old women, the old woman then takes over the body of the young girl and the young girl becomes the old woman, she then tries to kill her old body. Im assuming this is inspired by a similar ritual where eternal youth is achieved by constantly consuming the youth and 'disposing' of whats left. Sinister as fuck... but has a lot of deep symbolism behind it.

Creative as shit nonetheless, amazing work! THIS DIRECTOR NEEDS TO MAKE SOME INDIE HORRORS ALREADY!"

Have you come across similar music videos? Let us know and we'll do a series of the best of the best.

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