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Paloma and Adil: 'The idea was to create a Disco groove that lyrically embodied the existential thoughts that encompass us on a daily basis'

Meenaz Amreliwala
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How did you guys come together? 

We met at Jadavpur University through mutual friends and it was happenstance that we ended up collaborating on a project in 2015 and realised the music making process was pretty easy going and organic so we decided to make more music and finally formed the duo in 2016.

Paloma and Adil

We loved Disco Panda and found it VERY addicting. We could totally see it in the top tens. Also, your other music, but disco Panda has that ear worm quality to it. Why disco? 

Thanks for enjoying Disco Panda. The idea was to create a Disco groove that lyrically embodied the existential thoughts that encompass us on a daily basis, almost like a paradox.
We keep trying different genres and experimenting between them because it makes the process way more enjoyable than putting ourselves in a box. We grew up on Disco and most of our moods and songs happen on impulse so, Disco just happened to be one of those moods we were in.

Do you have any experience abroad? Because lyrical colloquialisms in your songs would suggest so.

As a band we haven't performed outside of India but some of our major musical influences are artists from the West and maybe that is what you notice in the songs or lyrics. 

What topics do you favour writing and singing about most?

We delve on an entire range of topics that are both personal and worldly, but we tend to explore the inner workings of our mind in response to our surroundings.

How's the music scene in Kolkata in general? Do you find popularity and acceptance of your genre 

Well, it is diverse and has its own ups and downs, in terms of both quality and opportunity. Although, there is a good pool of listeners and artists that emerge from Kolkata and contribute to the indie music scene. We have found good acceptance but we could always do with more listeners who enjoy the music we make and are willing to invest in newer artists, both mentally and financially. We would also like to be a part of more venues and events in our own city and other cities as well, like every other indie artist would want.

We noticed Adil's technical proficiency in one of your videos. Do you guys mix and master at home?

Yes, we do. In fact, our production is completely done in Adil's makeshift bedroom studio. It helps us to not only have complete control over the quality of our content but also saves us a lot of studio expenses.

If you had to pick 3 influences in your music, but from genres different to yours, which would they be?

Fiona Apple, Michael Jackson and Rabindranath Tagore.

How's the lockdown going and how have you guys planned to adapt to the 'new normal'? 

To be perfectly candid, it sucks. It has been extremely counter productive and the 'new normal' doesn't really have space for artists, especially musicians. Online shows are extremely difficult to curate and do not have the same feel, infrastructure or returns. Although, we are trying to manoeuvre around this situation the best we can with newer online content and trying to make music as usual. 

Do you guys have full/part time jobs or does music rake in the moolah?

We do have several other interests aligned with the arts, and we would love it if we could model them into a lucrative option, however that isn't a primary idea in our heads. Live shows have been our primary source of income up until now but the pandemic has changed things and we are trying adapt to the situation and keep our musical endeavours alive.