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Artists who are gonna be HUGE in the future | Rap is a Martial Art

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Rap? Martial Arts? Throw in a BMX and you have our entire childhoods right there! In fact Rap is a Martial Art's entire channel is. Before we go on, we must thank him for continuing in the tradition of old-skool lyrical rap with such style. None of that mumble nonsense here!

His latest (Pre-lockdown) music video John Wick is slick as hell and the music production quality is A1, no doubt about that. But if you really want to get into it, to make sense if it, there's a catch: You've gotta keep Google open and do a bit of research. Rap is a Martial Art advises, "To better understand the references look up who “the goat” and who “the dragon” is in a Biblical context to better understand this mixtape intro."

The track, what he describes as "Lyrical Gymnastics with double and triple entendres about spiritual warfare", is one of those instant cult hits. A lot of his songs are. We found ourselves chuckling at his earlier track How to Flirt Like A Martial Artist. What with the hilarious unsolicited guest appearances from all our childhood heroes.

"Valetudo I said valetudo that means fighting poodle" - A still from the video

While you're at it, we recommend reading the comment section on YouTube. The one we found the best was a fan describing his work as "If verse were an actual person".


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