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The Emerging of Sutej Singh

R. R. Rozario
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In the Himalayas, Solan district to be precise, dwells one Sutej Singh. At times it feels it's just Sutej, his guitar and the mountains.

But when they come together we begin to see a picture of clouds, not in the sky, but at our feet, some even below us. We've grabbed our scarves as the drums kick in, ready to go about our chores. We have an inland letter to post ad a few things to buy from the market. Armed with a red Sony Walkman, brushed metal headphones and two sets of Eveready batteries, we walk out of the gate and onto the the steep winding road.

His arrangements, with their textures, match the cold wind that hits us on the face, ever so gently, but enough for us to feel it enter our pours and settle on our bones. It's a dull grey evening, the green scent of leaves and pine enters out nostrils as we begin our ascent to the the main road.

Now, barely five, warm orange lights have already been turned on in each home. We realise we're huffing and panting, just a little. Vapour leaves our mouths but what we hear gives us the vigour and vitality to trudge uphill. A lone Ambassador car drives past slowly, the driver signalling if we'd like a ride. Not today, today we prefer to walk.

The power chords and drums are more intense now. We're walking faster, panting less, warming up. Then it suddenly drops. A controlled interlude slows us as we reach the end of our climb. With the levelling of the road, we pick up speed again, as does the track. The prize of a hot cup of tea awaits us the the end of our walk.

Sutej's 2018 album, The Emerging, feels just like its name. Liken it to what you want, an aftermath perhaps. The fifty-four minute journey consists of three parts and eight tracks, all suited to one continuous, yet diverse journey, or several small ones. Either way, WE want to get up and walk. That's what it does for us. We've posted the video below, but bear in mind that one needs to give it time. The time you'd give Satch or Theater. Once you do, you'd make it a constant in your lives, that we guarantee.

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