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Ragnhild- Viking Metal From India!

R. R. Rozario
R. R. Rozario Reviews

A Viking Metal Band from Pune? Who could've imagined it? Spoiler alert - they're absolutely-positively the real deal.  

Make no mistake, Ragnhild's 2020 album Tavern Tales is an album to be read. We found ourselves following the storytelling all morning. Their first track, Battle On My Grave, is complete with battles and wars, mountains and fjords, and minstrels singing loud. Plus the delightful spilling of blood, interspersed with calming guitar solos. Then it picks up again with the death of the narrator and their lasting battle with his brothers continuing the fight on his grave.

Ragnhild: Taking time off from ruling the North and South.

A Viking Mosh made us chuckle through our otherwise sombre morning chores, especially the lyrics, 'Draw your swords and be prepared/March with Odin to Valhalla/Victory will wait for us/This is how Vikings Mosh'. The rest of it really did make us want to get up and fight something. Anything. What else could we do when commanded to 'March to write your history'?

After listening to the album we immediately went looking for live gigs and found one, from 2015, where the band effortlessly covers Amon Amarth's Twilight Of The Thundergod. DAMN!

Listen to the album below. Running length is 46 minutes.

The Album