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Grandma Mousey - The Return of the Singing Drummer

R. R. Rozario
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Think back to most rock bands you grew up on. You saw vocalists play the rhythm guitar, sometimes even the lead guitar but how many times did you see a drumming vocalist? My guess is, not more than a handful. Singing drummers have always fascinated listeners. I’d heard Hotel California long before I discovered that Don Henley was also the drummer. Phil Collins was another great singing drummer, who took over the vocal duties of Genesis after the departure of Peter Gabriel. If you’re a little older, you’ll remember Micky Dolenz from The Monkees crooning the smash hit I'm a Believer while drumming along effortlessly. Other greats who drummed and sung were Karen Carpenter, Roger Taylor, Ringo Starr, Peter Kriss and Dave Grohl. Though they didn't always do both together. 

Today, after many years, I listened to a contemporary American indie band, Grandma Mousey, that has a singing drummer. I couldn't, of course, tell from their Spotify playlist, so I googled some of their videos.

It's been years, but the sentiment is still one of great fascination. I was only just discussing singing drummers with the vocalist of Indian glam/hard rock band The Venom Berries a few days ago and while we were on the topic, he talked about the immense coordination one had to have to be one when I remarked, "It could also be a severe lack of coordination," which was kind of a funny thought, one's head and hands doing completely different things which the other was naturally unaware of.

It's not just the drumming and singing that makes the Texas-based outfit one of the most surreal experiences but the fact that their music reminded us of something straight out of the '90s alternative/punk/garage scene. Like a surreal Smashing Pumpkins (or something to that tune)!

Also there's something pleasantly satisfying about the drummer and vocalist, Josh Garcia, doing this:


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