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Earworm of the Day | 7BANTAI'Z | VAAT 

R. R. Rozario
R. R. Rozario Bytes

We're going to be singing these lines all day - Vaat Lagane Aa Gayela Tera Bhai!

7BANTAI'Z new music video is a salute to the COVID frontline workers in Mumbai and a hilarious (backhanded) compliment to the coppers. Definitely had us laughing first thing in the morning.

The video features a minimalistic, yet earwormy backing track, some lyrics and a whole lot of beatboxing. The motion graphics are top notch, fo shizz, and the video in it's entirety parodies the numerous videos of cops across India whacking the life out of unsuspecting curfew breakers in the early days of lockdown. We recall friends from countries like the UK and Germany sending us videos of cops making defaulters do uthak-baithaks, asking us what the hell was going on in India!

Well, here's the sort-of answer... and we love it!

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